The Michigan Legislature created the Horticulture Fund within the State Treasury on October 31, 2003, through a revision to The Insect Pests and Plant Diseases Act, Act 189 of 1931, as revised. Up to $70,000 of funds will be generated each year through increases in nursery license fees. MNLA worked with the MI Dept of Agriculture & Rural Development to create this Fund for Michigan’s Green Industry and with this mission: “to provide for research projects, to develop and improve training programs, and to develop outreach materials for the purposes of safeguarding plants and plant products from unwanted plant pests.” This is a competitive grant program. Currently, Horticulture Fund grants will be awarded up to a maximum annual amount of $20,000 per approved proposal.

2022 Horticulture Fund Final Reports

Horticulture Bootcamp 2023
Engineered Substrates and Irrigation Management to Improve Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Water Retention in Nursery Container Production
Impact of Fertilizer Placements on Weed Competition with Container-grown Ornamentals
Improving Conifer Plantation Establishment: Impacts of Seedling Quality and Pre-plant Treatments


2021 Horticulture Fund Final Reports

Evaluating the Impact and Management of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes on Hemerocallis spp. (Daylily) Field Production
Developing Alternative Weed Control Strategies for Landscape and Christmas Tree Production


2019 Horticulture Fund Final Reports

Improving Establishment of Container-Grown Landscape Trees in the Landscape
Reducing Pesticide Loss in Nursery Run-off
Reducing Pesticide Loss in Nursery Run-off (Table of Irrigation Return Flow Vol.)


2018 Horticulture Fund Final Reports

Biocontrol of Spruce Decline
Nursery Run-off: Understanding Plant Sensitivity to Residual Pesticides
Root Knot Nematode in Ornamental Hemerocallis spp. (Daylillies) Bare Root Production


2017 Horticulture Fund Final Reports

Nutrient Remediation Organophosphate Chlorpyrifos
Physiological Response of Nursery Crops to Reduced Phosphorus Fertilization
Root Knot Nematode Management in Ornamental Hemerocallis spp. (Daylillies) Bare Root Production
Systems Approach to Management of Pests and Pathogens in Nursery Crops


2016 Horticulture Fund Final Reports

Systems Approach to Management of Pests and Pathogens in Nursery Crops
Fate of De-icing Sodium Chloride Applications in Roadside Raingardens and its Implications on Vegetation
Efficiency of Bioreactor Nutrient Remediation in the Presence of the Organophosphate Chlorpyrifos
Alternative Nutrient Management Strategies for Christmas Tree & Conifer Nursery Production


2015 Horticulture Fund Final Reports

2015 Pest ID & Scouting Guidelines for the Hop Greenhouse & Nursery Industry
2015 Producing Nursery & Greenhouse Plants that are Safer for Pollinators in the Yard & Garden
2015 Spruce Decline in MI: Disease Incidence, Causal Organism and Epidemiology
2015 Think Envrionmentally - Plant Responsibly


2014 Horticulture Fund Final Reports

2014 Evaluation of Compost Type for the Development of Green Roof Substrates
2014 Evaluation of Species Susceptibility and Chemical Management of Phomopsis Decline
2014 Spruce Decline in Michigan