We’re pleased to report that we were awarded funding of $83,834 for the 2017 fiscal year through the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBG). The SCBG program was created in 2009 through the National Farm Bill. With this award our total funding since 2009 is $710,593.50.

This year’s funding will continue our weed research program with our partner, Dr. Hannah Mathers. Dr. Mathers’ 2017 project is “Killing the Weedy Competitors; Gaining Herbaceous Perennials Market Share for Michigan”.

2009 Sustainable Nutrient & Water Management for Container Tree Production

2009 State-Wide Weed Control Initiative for MI Nursery & Landscape Industries

2010 Addressing Weed Control Issues

2011 Major Weed Control Issues

2012 Weed Control Specialized Traditional Nursery Crops

2014 MI Nursery & Floriculture Sales Labor Survey

2014 Producing Nursery Greenhouse Plants that are Safe for Pollinators

2015 Development of Innovative Weed Control Programs