On Thursday, April 9th our Governor created a new Executive Order that extended our Stay-at-Home Order until April 30th. It was a horrible blow to our industry as this Order includes stricter restrictions on our retail, lawn care, landscaping, tree service, irrigation, and related outdoor maintenance companies. CLICK HERE for the Executive Order FAQ. You can CLICK HERE to see more.

Adding to the confusion, we have cities speaking out against the Executive Order on what they will and will not allow. What is clear—the fines for violating the Order are $1,000 and the enforcement is being handled by local authorities. What is unclear—there are varying opinions on whether or not the threat that you could lose your business license for violating the Order is real.

The MNLA Board of Director’s recommendation is that all members abide by the intent of this Order. But we caution you that there are exemptions that allow some businesses to work. Specifically, businesses that are classified as agriculture and forestry can continue working. It may look like a competitor is working when they shouldn’t be, and they may be working under one of the exemptions. The last thing we need at this time is for our industry to implode from not standing together!