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Urgent Call to Action: Item Pricing 

By now, you have read in your local paper, seen on the evening news, or heard from your coworkers that Gov. Rick Snyder, in his State of the State address, announced his desire to reform Michigan’s antiquated item pricing laws.  “While some laws need updating, other laws are simply relics of a time past and need to be scrapped. Michigan’s 1970-vintage item pricing law is exhibit A,” Snyder said.

The Michigan House of Representatives will be taking action on the Shopping Reform and Modernization Act (HB 4158) next week. This legislation removes the burdensome requirement to individually sticker each item in a store, but still requires the price to be displayed prominently near items.
The reforms are designed to: 
•  Create a climate that attracts new jobs 
•  Eliminate a $2.2 billion hidden tax on Michigan’s economy 
•  Protect shoppers 
•  Strengthen Michigan’s proud history of consumer protection 
•  Reinforce attorney general oversight & tough penalties for violators

Your Legislator needs to hear that you support legislation to modernize and reform Michigan’s item pricing law. It’s important for Michigan retailers to be able to take advantage of new strategies to meet the needs of customers, giving them the best value and a great shopping experience. House Bill 4158 will help them do just that.

Visit www.modernizepricing.com and click on the “Take Action” link to “Sign The Petition Now” and/or “Call Your Legislators” to ask them to support these reforms.

Don’t wait to take action. The opposition is pulling out all of the stops to kill these reforms, and your Legislators need to hear from you today before it is too late.


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