NEW FOR 2022! We're pleased to announce the 2021 MNLA Sponsored Green Industry Wage & Benefit Survey Results are available! Thank you to everyone for participating in and providing valuable data for our industry survey.  The sample size for the survey was approximately 840 MNLA Members. The response rate was 12.1% (102 respondents).
Survey results are available at NO CHARGE to MNLA Members.  The results may be purchased at a cost of $50 for Non-Members.
In order to maintain the integrity of the information, please email Becky Cybart to request a PDF copy of the results:  Request Survey Results Here!

The 2021 Wage & Benefit Survey was conducted to assist you in your efforts to obtain and retain your skilled labor and to help us promote the careers within our industry to our youth and directly to the consumer.  This survey is designed to provide Michigan's Green Industry firms with another tool in your toolbox; an understanding of the wage, benefit, and labor compensation and practices currently being utilized, and segment-specific views about Michigan's business environment.