a. The MNLA Board of Directors has been in daily e-Meetings and group emails to strategize on the safest and quickest way to get you back to work. Many things are being discussed and we’ll keep you updated as decisions are made.

b. Our Lobbyist continues to carry our message to the Governor’s Office, and both the Senate and House leadership. A bipartisan workgroup on Reopening Business has been formed and will be giving recommendations to the Governor on April 17th. We have been asked to be included in this initial report to get our industry safely back to work.

c. Our Call to Actions have sent over 65,000 emails to the Governors Office, our Legislators, and the Director of the Dept. of Ag & Rural Development.

d. We continue to strategize with our national partners that are very interested in finding an equitable and safe solution for Michigan’s Green Industry.