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Boxwood Blight

MNLA Member Firms Committed to Preventing Boxwood Blight

Boxwood Blight Found in Michigan (Dec. 2018, PDF)

Boxwood Blight Best Management Practices (PDF)

Reclaiming Boxwood From Boxwood Blight (PDF)

Boxwood Blight Resource Sheet (PDF)

Prevention and Management of Boxwood Blight (PDF)

Best Management Practices for Boxwood Blight: Industry Recommended Best Management Practices for the Prevention and Eradication of Boxwood Blight within a Nursery (PDF)

Boxwood Blight Disease Identified in North America (PDF)

Shoot blight of boxwood-Calonectria pseudonaviculata
A diagnostic fact sheet from ARS-USDA

Boxwood Blight - a New Disease for Connecticut and the U.S.
An introduction to the disease from The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (www.ct.gov/caes)

A New Pest to the U.S. Ornamental Industry: The “Box Blight” Pathogen (PDF)
North Carolina State University reviews the biology, spread and diagnosis of Boxwood Blight.

The Box Blight Pathogen (PDF)
Information from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

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