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Once you become Certified, you must renew annually to maintain your certification. The certification period is January 1 – December 31. Renewal includes a yearly fee and the earning of six (6) continuing education units (CEUs).

How Much is the Renewal Fee?
$35 for MNLA Members
$45 for Non-Members*

Plus an optional opportunity to contribute $10 to the CGIP Promotional Fund! Money from the Promotional Fund is used to promote CGIPs to consumers throughout the state by placing ads in Consumer Publications, providing CGIP Display Banners for companies that employ Certified professionals, exhibiting at Home and Garden Shows, and producing videos for the CGIP YouTube Channel.

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What is a CEU?
A CEU is defined as one hour of education and may be obtained by attending any seminar or workshop directly related to the Green Industry or your employment.  There are many sources of educational opportunities available, which include programs sponsored by MNLA and our affiliated Chapters throughout the state, other related organizations, MSU Extension, programs sponsored by individual companies, gardens, arboretums and educational institutions.

The MNLA sponsors many educational programs during the year that are held throughout the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. Visit our Calendar of Events to find CEU opportunities that interest you!

Why Are CEUs Required For Renewal?
Requiring CEUs for renewal allows for the CGIP program and its Certified professionals to maintain the Standard of Excellence that their Certification embodies. Continuing education connotes integrity, dedication, knowledge and experience. It helps you to stay current with the changing technology and trends of the industry. These qualities set you apart from your competition and win major points with your customers. Feel free to tell your clients about your CEUs! We welcome online submittals of your CEUs as they are completed. When you submit your credits online, we’ll keep track of them throughout the year, so that maintaining your credential is easy! Click here to submit your CEUs online!

Can I Renew My Certification Online?
You sure can! Click here to renew online