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Century Club Awards

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Quarter-Century Club, 40-Year Club & Half-Century Club

Each year, MNLA honors your colleagues who have worked in the industry for 25, 40, and 50 years or more. These designations are called the Quarter-Century, 40-Year, and Half-Century Clubs. The recipients of this honor are noted for contributions to the professional development and the growth of the industry, as well as their dedication and commitment.


Candidates must have completed 25 years of green industry service to qualify for the Quarter-Century Club, 40 years of green industry service to qualify for the 40-Year Club, and 50 years of green industry service to qualify for the Half-Century Club. Candidates must have been employed by an MNLA member firm in each of the preceding five years.

Selected candidates for the Quarter-Century Club and Half-Century Club will be honored with a commemorative plaque and lapel pin acknowledging their status. These tributes are presented during a special ceremony at the Great Lakes Trade Exposition every January.

Congratulations to MNLA's 2019 Century Club Inductees!

This year’s recipients and inductees into the Quarter–Century Club were:

Bruce Vander Vennen (27 years)
Bruce Snyder (28 years)
Jackie Walley (28 years)
John Scholten (29 years)
Jerre Thompson (30 years)
Karleen Shafer (30 years)
Paul Cyr (32 years)

 In our 40-Year Club, our inductees are:

Brian deBest (40 years)
Richard Von Tersch (40 years)
Jerry Somalski (40 years)
Kurt LaButte (41 years)
Gary Horanburg (42 years)
Rick Thorne (45 years)
Donald Lowther (46 years)
Dan Bywalec (46 years)
Ron Zemens (47 years)

In our Half-Century Club, our inductees are:

 Brian Demmink (50 years)
 Don Crowley (50 years)
 Ray Rogers (51 years)
 Pat Conroy (51 years)
 John Bunschuh (64 years)