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MNLA E-Training, Project Plant


The Head Gardener will be required to:
• Observe and recognize gardening needs in a client’s garden.
• Meet with clients regularly to receive requests and address needs.
• Give recommendations to clients on how we can more effectively care for their garden and make it more beautiful.
• Give instruction and guidance to a crew of 2-3 dedicated gardeners - track hours and costs, boost morale, help in hiring, work with scheduler.
• Communicate issues and complaints between client and owners.
• Drive truck and large trailer. Use power tools. Lift 50 lbs easily.
• Education and experience in ornamental gardening and/or horticulture (identification, planting, soil health, disease and pest treatment, etc.) required.

Job location - Ann Arbor, MI
Salary - $18-25/hr, benefits package including health and performance bonuses. Salaried positions also available.
Full-time with flexible winter hours.
Additional Training/Certification opportunities available

Learn more by visiting www.AtzingerGardens.com or call Neil Atzinger directly at (734) 272-7321 to ask questions or to introduce yourself.

To apply, send a descriptive cover letter and resume to neil@atzingergardens.com

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