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Transportation Options

The Mendenhall Inn is located:
- 25 miles from the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
- 80 miles from Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)
- 15 miles from Wilmington, DE

Below are some options for getting to the Mendenhall Inn from surrounding airports and train stations:

By Bus:
To reserve shuttle service from the Philadelphia airport, please contact:
   Delaware Express
   (302) 454-7800

By Train:
AMTRAK trains stop at the Wilmington, DE station, which is 10 miles from the Mendenhall Inn.  From there, a 24-hour advance shuttle can be reserved for a fee.  Please contact:
   Delaware Express
   (302) 454-7800

By Car:
Uber or Lyft services

**If you are planning to fly and would like to inquire further about transportation to and from the airport, please contact Emily Huening, at emily@mnla.org or (517) 381-0437.