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MNLA E-Training, Project Plant


Walters Gardens Inc., located in Zeeland, MI, is a leading grower of perennial plants since 1946.  We are currently seeking candidates for the following position: Electrician

Essential duties include:
•    Maintain the primary and essential power systems at Walters Gardens.  
•    Monitor electrical loads in the facility to maintain balanced and reliable electricity to the entire facility.  
•    Monitor and work to improve power factor percentages in the facility.  
•    Work with other managers in the facility to manage “max demand” to insure we are operating as efficiently as possible.  
•    Perform assigned electrical / mechanical work
•    Assist with troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance of electrical / mechanical equipment
•    Respond to and utilize communication devices
•    Assist with the planning and execution of construction projects and facility upgrades.  
•    Provide technical (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic/hydraulic) expertise to the company to assist in implementing the best solutions to operational challenges.

Qualified applicants must have:
•    Current State of Michigan journeyman or masters electrical license and not less than 10 years’ experience managing commercial and industrial applications.  
•    Knowledge in the proper shutdown of high voltage primary circuits and transformers during periods of utility single phasing, fluctuating voltage, accidental damage, or for safety purposes.  
•    Familiarity with monitoring secondary loads and managing them for proper balance across phases.  
•    Strong communication skills
•    Positive initiative and self-motivation
•    Ability to multi-task and manage multiple projects independently
•    Ability to be on call and respond to emergencies 24/7

Interested candidates may apply by sending a resume to blo@waltersgardens.com.

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